Producer Shipper

The Commission’s Consolidated General Orders define a “Producer-Shipper” as follows:

"Producer-Shipper" means a person licensed by the Commission to produce Greenhouse or Storage Vegetable Crops and to market some or all of the Greenhouse or Storage Vegetable Crops produced by that person directly to commercial trade channels but unless specifically authorized by the Commission does not include marketing to an Agency or another Producer-Shipper.

A Producer-Shipper licence is an extraordinary licence issued under exceptional circumstances. The intent of licensing certain producers as Producer-Shippers is to provide qualified producers the opportunity to Market and distribute directly to commercial trade channels the opportunity to do so.  Commercial trade channels, for the purposes of Producer-Shipper licensing, are defined as individual retail stores, farm markets, individual food service establishments and wholesalers.


Authorized Products

VIP Produce Ltd.

555 Baylis Road, Qualicum Beach, BC   V9K 2G2
(250) 752-5205 (office)
(250) 240-1029 (mobile)
(250) 752-6277 (fax)


Food Service Potatoes, Russet Potatoes, Red Potatoes, White Potatoes, Yellow Potatoes

Origin Organic Farms Inc.
6225 - 34B Avenue, Delta, BC V4L 2N8
(604) 940-3928 (office)
(604) 868-2286 (mobile)
(604) 940-3968 (fax)

Organic Greenhouse Peppers, Organic Greenhouse Tomatoes
Organic Greenhouse Cucumbers