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CAD Design & Drafting. Modeling. Prototyping. Analysis

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CAD Design & Drafting. Modeling. Prototyping. Analysis

Mechanical Design Services

CAD Design & Drafting. Modeling. Prototyping. Analysis

Altra CAD Mechanical Solutions


Altra CAD is a mechanical engineering firm specializing in design and product development. We build close relationships with companies, both large and small, and help them and their crucial projects get where they need to be. Our innovative engineers and machinists provide a wide range of design and development services and solutions including complex 3D modeling, new product design, industrial design, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CNC fabrication, Teamcenter services, and associative design tool development.

Our Services

Product Design


We create detailed and accurate 3D models, drawings and specifications that aid in the design and manufacturing of the mechanical products, parts and assemblies.



Our engineers provide advanced analysis solutions and methods to simulate some of the toughest elements of product performance.

Rapid Prototyping


We cover all of your prototyping needs. We provide rapid prototypes, simple 3D printing, high-end appearance models, proof of concept models, functional models, and small batch production prototypes. 



We can provide the benefits of multi-axis machining and create complex shapes in a single set-up. Our tools mill away excess material, providing improvements and increased complexity over other CNC tools.

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What Customers Say About Us


“Incredibly thorough, thoughtful and detailed feedback that has come thru from all the team members there. I don’t think any other service supplier I deal with comes close to the awesome service the Altra CAD specialists 

Mike Donovan


“Altra CAD successfully completed the design completion and construction of stage 1 of Central Park’s Central Thermal Plant. This project was highly complex and had many challenging aspects from commencement to completion, and they succeed!”

Mag Richards


“Altra CAD has been a great partner to work with, and REV Recreation Group has been working with them in some form or another for the past twenty years. Whenever we need something done the right way, and when we need someone we can trust to do the right thing, Altra CAD is one of the first places

Jask Wiser


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